Hello, I’m Shail

I’ve always been interested in the stories behind objects, how they were made, why and who made them. That’s why after leaving my local business and jobs I’ve decided that building digital products with the skill set I have — a unique combination of design and engineering — would become my craft. Since then I’ve been working on bringing such products to the life, either my own or through ideas of my clients. Currently, I’m living in the national capital region i.e Delhi, India where I work from my home, from my parents home. While not at work you’ll find me playing the tennis, riding a bike, hiking high in the mountains, watching creepy movies or most probably


There are thousands of themes out there and many of them promise to solve all your problems at once. There is nothing wrong with it as long as the market demands such themes. But, I believe there is a better approach. A perfect theme should be unique, design-driven, and tailored to a specific niche. This means less design (in a good way), less code, less customization, and more freedom for actually creating content and reaching your audience.

You shouldn’t spend three hours drag-and-dropping the layout before launching your website. Instead, you should install a theme, make a couple of tweaks, and start adding your posts and pages. Those are the kind of themes I’m building here.

Core Values

  • People First – I treat my customers like family and my customers as my #1 priority.
  • Passion – I love what I do and do what I love.
  • Product – I always try to not build an average product, but the BEST!

Yes, I believe I have supernatural powers. It’s ok, I’m sure you have those too!

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